At Letterpress Junction our senior printers ‘cut their teeth’ when letterpress was the predominant printing process, lithography was ‘not real printing’ and the digital world simply did not exist!

In recent years the resurgence in interest in the letterpress process has seen many new companies establish their workshops and studios, many of which are producing excellent work. In the main they are offering the finished article to the end consumer (be it wedding stationery, posters, greetings cards etc) mainly from their own designs.

At Letterpress Junction we have a different approach.

“We are Jobbing Printers”

The term Jobbing Printer may be somewhat archaic nowadays but thats what we are.We know our limitations. We are not graphic designers, we are letterpress printers. We are, however, very experienced and very good letterpress printers !

At Letterpress Junction we simply offer a very economical and prompt trade printing service to designers.Those designers produce the artwork, specify the stock and ink colours and we print from plates. Examples of our output include greetings cards, wedding and corporate stationery, posters, calendars, beermats…….the list is only restricted by the imagination of those with whom we work.

We have one customer, for example, who has built a very successful award winning letterpress wedding stationery service for her clients without every getting her hands dirty! Our rates are such that her margins are excellent, and the business growth and her return has proven to be very good indeed.

Perhaps we can do the same for you?

Contact us via the Booking Office, supplying some brief details of your project, and we will email or call you back promptly.

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